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The new director on the block: Kim Jon Un

here come Brazil 4

Here comes Brazil 4, have we gone too far?
this will never stop being funny ←

we had to make a magazine covers this week. here’s mine.


Petition to ban monosexual people from discussions on polysexual identities and definitions, needs one signature.


Hello!! I’m officially reopening commissions!

I will draw: Anything! Furries, OCs, fanart, R18  material (given the buyer is also above 18), gore, ect

Some specifics:
Simple Background: Free, upon request.
Complicated/Detailed Backgrounds: +$7 (example)
Additional Characters: +$5 per character

My commissions are for personal enjoyment only, and are NOT for commercial usage. You may not reprint, resell, or use my art in any promotional material without my express consent.

Paypal only. Please contact me via midosuji-kun @ tumblr, or Goudahanzou @ DA if you wish to commission me!!


naruko selfies are art